Solar Power bank


A solar power bank is a device that you can use to keep your devices charged while you’re out and about. The fact of the matter is that more and more of us are now almost wholly reliant on our technology in order to keep us entertained or just to perform everyday tasks.

We rely on our smartphones for staying in touch with friends and relatives, we use them to work and keep our offices updated, some of us run online businesses from them…

We use phones and GPS devices to navigate and get around. We use them to watch Netflix and play games.

We use our phones as cameras and snap shots of anything interesting that happens to share with others.

We even use phones as our credit cards very often!

And when you take that away from us, we’re lost.

So as our reliance on technology increases, so too must our access to that technology. This is why something like a solar power bank is so incredibly useful – as it will allow us to use technology wherever we are. As long as the sun is out, we’ll be able to charge our devices and keep playing games, taking photos, finding our way around and paying for coffee.

In fact, with a solar power bank, you’ll be able to do all that even when you don’t have access to the sun. How? Because these power banks store that energy for you to use later on!

solar backpack


A solar backpack is what it sounds like: it’s a backpack that includes a solar panel on the front and therefore is able to double up as a solar charger. This means that you can place your items in your bag and forget about them, knowing that they will be charging as you go.

The great thing about a solar backpack is that if you are someone who goes on long hikes or long walks, then your bag will be exposed to sunlight a lot of this time already. By placing a solar panel on your back, you are simply taking advantage of a resource that was already there and that you might have been squandering previously.

With the best solar backpacks then, you can simply leave your gadgets and devices in your bag and know that they will never run out of power.